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Hotel Tevini - Commezzadura TN

Holidays in hotel
Hotel Tevini - Commezzadura TN
Hotel Tevini - Commezzadura TN

Summer activity

The charm of nature during summer will make you fall in love! The colours and scents of nature fill us with joy and, during summer, the mountain will reveal some treasures!
Everyday on awaking a rich program of activities will wait for you to make you live your holidays as better as possible...mountain bike excursions, guided trekking, Nordic walking excursions and, for those who want to relish adrenaline on the river Noce, we suggest breathtaking descents by rafting, canoe or hydrospeed...you will never get bored!

Recommended equipment for excursions and walks:
Trekking boots, rucksack, pile garment or sweatshirt, k-way, spare t-shirt and hat.

- Info about rafting at the extreme waves centre: www.extremewaves.it



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